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Advantages of running your property with DCH FORBES. Follow-ups of the following daily processes accompanied by weekly report


Trabajando en la computadora portátil

Searches by other agents you own in the MLS.

Consulta Oficina

Follow up with these agents in addition to their comments.

Oficina Compartida

Follow-ups with possible prospects.

Centro de llamadas

Full support without limit until the property is rented short or long time sea.


If you decide to user our administration services (100% recommended). We definitely do not recommended that the owner manage your property

Joven empresaria
juez martillo


1. Adaptation of contracts adjusted to the needs of the owners.

2. Representation with Claims or claims with contractors, agents, insurance and associations.

3. Contract renewals without commission payments.

Llenar formulario de impuestos


1. Monitoring and monthly report with our accountants.

2. Annual statement.


Estrechar la mano frente a una cámara

1. Chat with our 24/7 support team.

​2. Support for income increases depending on the market.

​3. Daily, weekly and monthly report with details of income and expenses to your accounts.​

4. Attention of problems or incidents with tenants 24/7.

​5. Legal and tax representation.​

6. Evictions.

​7. Collections of income NOT AUTOMATED the first of each month.​

8. Charges of penalties for late payments.

​9. Timely payments of issues related to your property and deposits in your accounts.

​ 10. Follow up with photos of the current and final state of the property upon delivery.

​11. Daily market studies to meet objectives.


  • We create an account in CHASE (paid by us) for each of your properties. We give owners online access ..

  • The account is used to track tenant payments on time.

  • We pay the associations or HOA (Alicoutas).

  • Property insurance payments. (Required).

  • Accountant payments (if required)

Las pilas de monedas
  • Payments and maintenance of corporation or LLC.

  • Payment of Light.

  • Annual property taxes.

  • Payments of any type of arrangement to be made to a contractor or handy man.

1. Professional photos and videos for FREE.

2. Website.

3. Social network marketing. instagram and Facebook.

4. Email blast

5. Furnished property (Access to our vacation packages with our partners and affiliates)



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