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Our consultants have many years of practical experience in their respective areas and had provided a portfolio of professional services on in construction management, CPM calendar scheduling, program management, cost estimating, construction claims, technology, and training.

DCH TEAM had helped clients in a diverse range of industries to achieve high levels of performance and long-lasting results. With us, you can make sure the excellent work we have had with our clients to achieve success in their projects through our prominent experience.

We develop construction project management teams based on each client's unique needs, and project requirements to provide an effective and professional leadership.

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DCH TEAM offers advance professional services of advisory, consulting and project execution, which objective is to contribute to the improvement in the management and development of projects in the United States. Therefore, we are a team dedicated to the execution, direction and management of civil, industrial and commercial works, accompanying the client in every stages of development of their company, to provide an integral solution such as quality and guarantee. 


DCH TEAM  and their consultants have the knowledge and practical experience to assist you to complete their projects on time and within the budget, therefore, we provide services for commercial projects, office buildings, warehouses, distribution centers and industrial parks. Whether you are an owner, a contractor, an architect or an engineer, with us you will have the capacity to provide solutions to complex problems that may occur during your project.


We offer services from single-family home developments to condominiums and apartment developments. We have the knowledge and vision to assist your clients in each phase of a residential construction project. We assist clients on a variety of residential projects by providing construction engineering services, such as cost estimating, development schedule and monitoring, risk mitigation, project control, and claims support.

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