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A multi-family property is a type of residential home with two or more units under one roof or multiple buildings within a complex.

We have excellent multi-family properties in Miami that will allow you to live comfortably and quietly, close to schools, major highways, shopping centers and much more. As real estate project offers begin to expand and gain ground, they attract the attention of both large and small investors, which is why our clients prefer to invest in these highly profitable projects. Without a doubt, at DCH TEAM we recommend investing in Multi-Family Properties.

Multi-family Investment Benefits

Investing in multi-family properties is an immensely favorable strategy among investors thanks to its additional source of monthly income coupled with constant appreciation. As an investor, the advantages of owning a multi-family property include:


Increased Cash Flow - Why not invest in a multi-family property that produces multiple forms of monthly income? While the appeal of investing in multi-family properties is easy to see, these investments represent an innovative opportunity to generate additional income from an investment.

More control over value - The more income a property receives, the higher the value. Because multi-family properties are made up of more units, which means earning multiple streams of income, these types of investments are generally valued more than single-family homes, which rely on comparable sales such as rentals.

Less risk per number of tenants - Unlike single-family units, where income is lost when the home is vacant, multi-family properties have numerous units and alleviate the total economic loss for investors.

Scalability - These investments represent the opportunity to acquire multiple properties within a building. They are perfect for those looking to grow their real estate investment portfolio and take their business to the next level.

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